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About  The IDDA

The International Digital Dental Academy (IDDA) is the world’s largest international community of Digital Dentists, Technicians and Auxillaries. We aim to promote clinical and scientific excellence by expanding the knowledge of our members through online content, courses and conferences throughout the world.

The IDDA is an unbiased membership association for all members of the dental team and industry. The Association is administered by an office based in Manchester and governed by a voluntary elected committee from across the world

Mission Statement

– to collaborate on the development of unbiased scientific research in Digital Dentistry
– to support colleagues practising digital dentistry with an informative and easy to use resource.
– to help maintain standards by working with manufacturers in an unbiased and collective approach. 

Custom Certificate & Forum

On your account page, you will have access to download your custom certificate. 

You can also access the user Forum, exclusively for IDDA members to share ideas, ask questions and help expand the knowledge of other users around the world.

E-Learning Member Content & Video Tutorials

We have a Membership area, containing tuition videos for all software and hardware systems, exclusive content and resources such as guidelines and protocols.
As an IDDA Member you will also be able to access the Exclusive User Forum full of hints and tips. Through your continued learning on the site, you will truly be an Advanced Digital Dentist or Technician and as such will be able to download your personalised Certificate.

Why Join ?

Join the IDDA today to improve your dentistry and learn from fellow professionals, early adopters and others. Digital dentistry is no longer something confined to occasional use but rather the future of modern practice in almost all fields of our daily working life, from digital planning of cases, guided implant treatment, digital orthodontics and crown and bridge to endodontics.

It can be incorporated in most fields and we are fortunate to be involved at such an exciting time. By joining the IDDA you can interact with fellow colleagues, learn from the best and share your own experiences in a friendly approachable forum supported by the world’s best technology providers.

About Membership


Since its formation, the IDDA has been dedicated to providing on-going postgraduate education to the dental profession in order to extend awareness of the use of digital technologies in a wide range of treatment options for improving patient oral health in a more controlled and efficient way. The IDDA and its parent academy the Digital Dental Academy provides a wide range of educational resources.

We are planning to provide data and training from scientific journals to events such as masterclasses, evening study clubs and a congress. Upon joining the IDDA, current topics can be discussed within the active DDA forum in Facebook and on WhatsApp.

IDDA membership provides you with a wide range of benefits including networking opportunities, continuing professional development and access to resources, keeping you up-to-date with current issues and topics within digital dentistry.

Join today to take part and contribute to the IDDA’s thriving community. Membership is open to all members of the dental implant team and industry.

Friday, March 23 from the 3D Printer Party at Nimro Dental in London. Chris, Patrik & Adam take 10 minutes from the busy schedule to have a quick conversation with their very special guest. All the way from Los Angeles Dr August De de Oliveira.

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