“Digital Master Accreditation is a recognition of excellence in patient care using Digital Technologies”

The IDDA prides itself in the promotion of unbiased advice and community, all in the best interests of patient care. We have introduced these credentials and Level 7 qualifications to promote the very best levels of treatment in the UK and indeed Worldwide.

This accreditation pathway is for dentists and technicians who really want to push the limits of their abilities. 

Digital Master Accreditation Explained

The ONLY Accreditation pathway that also provides a Level 7 PGCert in Advanced Digital Dentistry

Do you already work with digital technologies in the Dental Laboratory or in Dental Clinic? Would you like to learn more and be recognised for the excellent clinical skills you achieve? The IDDA Digital Master Accreditation can help you.

The Digital Master Accreditation process has been designed to allow digital dentists and technicians to demonstrate that they have the ability to diagnose, plan and execute digital workflows and treatment of patients with the highest amount of care and precision to competently use these technologies and tools to benefit patients with the highest standard. 


Accreditation involves the completion of the following pathway and is only open to active Advanced and Technician Members;


1) Completion of three of the IDDA Masterclasses. The cost of each of these Masterclasses is £1500 per 3 day course and are held worldwide. Bookings are made via

2) Submission of TEN clinical or laboratory cases. Case submissions will be invoiced at £150 per case.

3) A final online viva discussion of a case following questions and presentation of the case from examiners. 


This will lead to candidates receiving;


– A DIGITAL MASTER Accreditation Plaque

– A Level 7 PGCert in Advanced Digital Dentistry from the IDDA accredited through Eduqual worth 60 Level 7 Credits.

– Listing on as an “Accredited Member of the International Digital Dental Academy”.

– Exclusive use of the IDDA Digital Master Logo

– An exclusive IDDA Digital Master T-Shirt

– An exclusive IDDA Pin Badge


The accreditation process is administered by the IDDA Training Centre on Harley Street, London and examiners are drawn from IDDA Board members.

Case submissions can be made at any time of the year.


“Providing excellence in the dental clinic should be the goal of every dentist and technician.”

Digital Master Accreditation is something to be proud of and the Digital Master Logo is only allowed to be used by those who have showed true excellence in their patient care.

IDDA Digital Master Accredited Members


IDDA Fellows and Founding Members


Professor Adam Nulty

Professor Chris Lefkaditis

Professor Patrik Zachrisson

Professor Quintus Van Tonder


IDDA Accredited Digital Dentists

Dr Pawel Paszkiewicz   


IDDA Accredited Digital Technicians 

Phil Reddington


IDDA Members In the process of Accreditation



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“Digital Master Accreditation is a prestigious recognition.”

Those Accredited with the IDDA as a Digital Master will be invited to lecture for the IDDA at events and promoted for the excellent work that they display. 

The level of Dentistry possible with Digital Technologies is unparalleled in history and we should celebrate the incredible results that Dentists and Technicians are achieving with these tools.

IDDA Accreditation downloads


Accreditation Case Submission Sheet


Accreditation Marking Sheet


Level 7 PGCert in Advanced Digital Dentistry Information



“If you love Digital like I do then I urge you to apply. We have spent years developing these courses and building the IDDA to provide a platform for all dentists and technicians to help and grow each others careers. IDDA Accreditation is aimed to be recognised as the pinnacle of digital dentistry achievements. Start your journey now and be a part of the Future of Dentistry.”


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