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The Future of the IDDA!!

The International Digital Dental Academy is proud to announce the next evolution of the IDDA Platforms.

Join the IDDA Facebook Digital Support Group here;

Digital Dental Academy

From the incredible good will that the initiative has shown, the world of digital dentistry has never been closer.
When we founded the IDDA the simple concept of bringing Dentists, Technicians and Auxillaries closer grew and become one of the founding principles of our mission statement.

We are evolving to open up the IDDA to everyone. The paid membership advance E-Learning platform on will still be available. But we will also provide a free to access page and a massivly growing YouTube channel.

We want it to open up so that the youtube channel, the website, the website forum, the facebook group and the mentoring channel will all become tied together with free access to everyone with a growing list of content.

We want it to be less about the founding board and more about the incredible community of amazing people that make digital dentistry scene so amazing.

To lead this we will have a growing list of “Digital Masters”. These Masters are those that are already experts who love to share their knowledge and we want the world to learn from these elite teachers of digital dentistry, with no geographic boundaries and no differentiation between dentist, technician or auxiliary. We are in it together, to learn, share and improve our practice.
They will all display this badge on their Facebook profile picture from time to time.

If you would like to be involved with the IDDA as a Digital Master, feel free to email us at

We hope you join the group and we can Welcome you all to the Future of Dentistry!

Lecturepalooza Lectures

Lecturepalooza Lectures

Thank you to all the speakers, the creators, the producers for all of your hard work and thank you so much to everyone who donated. A special thanks to the Front Line staff for their awesome hard work who all this is for. Please continue to support the initiative – unlike the webinars it’s not over yet.

So THANK YOU from the IDDA personally. Deeply and absolutely.

Please enjoy the replays and continue to donate Protection Status