Organisational Structure

& Elections

The IDDA is Committed to respresenting dentists, technicians, auxillaries and nurses across the world who use Digital Dentistry in a fair and open way.

Our executive committee acts on the direction of the elected members. This executive board is made up of the founders of the IDDA. The Executive Committee consists of these founders that sit on the Executive Board as well as the chairperson from each subcommittee so that EVERYONE has a voice. The Steering Committee joins the executive board with the representatives of each area in providing a course for the Future of Dentistry Worldwide.

We pride ourselves in that our members directly vote for the positions. 

2021 Election Information;


If you would like to represent digital dentistry in one of the following positions you must be nominated. Nominations will take place from the 1st March to the 1st of June 2021 giving our members 3 months to put themselves forward

The Executive Committe consists of the Executive Board (Adam Nulty, Chris Lefkaditis, Patrik Zachrisson and Quintus Van Tonder) plus the following;

Positions available;

Positions available for election are;

Main Board;


Vice President


Chairs for Committees (Each chair will be responsible for forming their own committe from members and will sit on the Main Board);



Web Development & Social Media




Guided Surgery

3D Printing



Representatives; (Each representative will be responsible for dealing with their own area and will join the Steering Committee)

Academic Representative

Technical Representative

DCP Representative

Student Representative

Regional Representative for UK – North

Regional Representative for UK – Midlands

Regional Representative for UK – South

Regional Representative for other countries below (but not limited to, open to any)

– Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, South Africa, Russia, China, Australia, Poland



Election will take place with votes being cast by members of from the 1st of June 2021 to the 30th June 2021.

It must be stressed that votes will be held in a controlled, anonymous and fair fashion with each member receiving a seperate code/link to cast their vote.



The results of the election will be announced in July 2021 with the elected members taking their positions at the 2021 Conference in October 2021



Each member can sit for a maximum of upto two terms with each term being 2 years. Protection Status