The future will be digital for all of dentistry, DSD and smile design and digital planning would apply to most fields, support in videos and guidelines will be very useful for both new and well-established dentists. A non-commercial non-biased network will make a difference to any plans and purchasing. It will be useful to join to collaborate and to participate in the development of digital dentistry. To support colleagues, to provide information and access



We want to be an open resource to all fields of dentistry, both clinical and technical, and work on networks with labs, auxiliaries, and developer.s The IDDA is a global association for digitally-minded professionals to support unbiased and evidence-based information to improve the treatments, experience and result to benefit professionals and patients alike. We encourage learning, mentoring and development and innovation in a free and unbiased environment



We encourage learning, mentoring and development and innovation in a free and unbiased environment. Digital dentistry is not just about a futuristic vision of high tech applications but modern dentistry and a way to approach everyday treatment. Digital treatments can be applied to most fields of dentistry and in today’s quickly evolving world patients are asking about it. It provides us as professionals with an exciting array of tools and applications that can be used for the benefit of the patients to predictably plan and create solutions with a restoratively driven approach. We are able to gain better consent and get a better understanding of the problems we face in every field of dentistry.

The digital revolution is already here and we should all embrace it, it is not something to fear, it will help us all to provide the options and solution and to present them in a clear and often visual way that is easily understood and accepted by our patients.



Join the IDDA today to improve your dentistry and learn from fellow professionals, early adopters and others. Digital dentistry is no longer something confined to occasional use but rather the future of modern practice in almost all fields of our daily working life, from digital planning of cases, guided implant treatment, digital orthodontics and crown and bridge to endodontics.

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